Helpful Counselling Articles

  • Changing Self-defeating Beliefs & Limiting Behaviours
    One counselling strategy I employ in working with clients is to enable them to uncover and where possible eliminate those self-defeating beliefs which are driving discomfort and self limiting behaviours. Read this article »

  • Support for Management & Staff in the Workplace
    For the past 10 years I have worked on all aspects of EAP work. This has included a variety of companies, institutions, clients and issues. The tailored core counselling component normally consists of working on a time limited or solution focused basis (normally up to 8 sessions). Read this article »

  • Way of Working with Clients
    My psychodynamic training over four years was punctuated by workshops, reading and courses in transactional analysis and humanistic theories. Subsequent to qualifying I worked in different agencies and jobs and attended numerous workshops which included person centred, solution focused, Egan and cognitive behavioural therapy. Read this article »

  • Symptoms of Inner Peace
    An interesting conundrum in our turbulent and conflict ridden society, whereby many display an unwillingness to change but optimistically we all have the capacity too. This teasing optimism is subtly enshrined in the following piece by an unknown author. Read this article »